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Agape's Past Projects & Events


Intentional Eucharistic Community

December 2021

A Christmas Concert By Members of The Agape Music Ministry

Christmas is so much more than just Dec. 25th. To help you celebrate the entire season, also known as Christmastide, here is an hour long concert to bring a deeper meaning to this time of year. Please give yourself the time to reflect, even if it is while you are folding your laundry, just need some time for reflection, while paying bills or just because there isn't anything on TV right now that you want to watch. May this music fill out your Christmas Season.  Blessings and Peace on Earth!

November 2021


Advent is the time for waiting and for beginning again.  We have been waiting to return to in-person masses, where we can renew our commitments to each other and to the larger world.  Let's begin our social justice mission with something simple and delicious. Join Agape's mission this Advent Season and volunteer with Lasagna Love!


It's really easy to sign up and get started. Once you sign up, you bake the lasagna and distribute it to a family nearby. Learn more info about Lasagna Love's process here.


You can sign up to Volunteer Here and start cooking Lasagna for those in need in your local community!

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