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Meet our presiders

Kathy Rolenc

I’m Rev. Kathy Rolenc, (RCWP) a Roman Catholic Womenpriest. 

I was ordained a deacon in 2015 and a priest in 2016. Being a priest is the best gift from God! I have certificates in lay ministry, youth ministry, homebound eucharistic ministry and theology ministry as well as a BA in biblical theology. I'm also a CNA/EMT and work as a home healthcare provider, mainly with Alzheimer’s patients. I’ve been married for 26 years to a wonderful man who was truly given to me from God! I thank God for my faith and my vocation. It’s a pure joy to serve God‘s people and celebrate masses!

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Charles Bolser

Father Charles Bolser, CSV, is officially retired, but he still presides over masses and delivers wise homilies to Agape and other local Catholic communities. You may be surprised to learn that Fr. Charlie’s path to the priesthood took several detours. He joined the U.S. Air Force right after high school, serving three years in France, then worked for the U.S. Post Office. He joined the Clerics of Saint Viator in 1962 and began a life of learning, earning degrees in anthropology and theology before being ordained a priest in 1973. Fr. Charlie taught high school in Springfield, IL and Las Vegas, NV, before moving back to Illinois to serve on the faculties of St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights and Cristo Rey St, Martin College Prep in Waukegan. Fr. Charlie also served as a pastor at two Illinois parishes before his ‘retirement’ a few years ago. “I like to keep busy, helping where and when I can,” he explains.

Corey Brost

Fr Corey Brost, CSV, is a member of the Clerics of St. Viator, a religious order of brothers, priests and lay associates. He joined the order in 1987 and has served since then as a religious educator, classroom teacher and high school administrator. He served as president of St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights from 2013-2016. He left with support from the Viatorians to work full time as an advocate for immigrant rights and interfaith bridge-building.


He currently  is executive director of Viator House of Hospitality, a northwest suburban interfaith program that provides a home and services for up to 25 young men, 18-23 years old, who've fled their homelands, are seeking asylum in the U.S. and have no family to live with while they await their legal proceedings. 

He also co-founded the Children of Abraham Coalition in 2010 to counter the increasing faith-based prejudice he saw in our nation and world. The Coalition, a 501(c) 3 non-profit located in the northwest suburbs, plans events for all ages that promote interfaith relationships, reverence and literacy. It is governed by a board of Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders, one third of them high school and college age.

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Susan Vaickauski

Susan was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. She received her BA in education from Purdue University and a masters in pastoral ministry from Loyola University, Chicago. She and Ron, her husband, have two daughters and five grandchildren. 


In 2004, Susan and her daughter, Maryanna, spent 6 weeks working in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, and they started the Fred Outa Foundation in 2005. They raised money with the support of School District 28 to buy food, educational material and uniforms for the Spurgeons School and raised money to build a girls high school in a village near Lake Victoria.

Susan was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in June of 2016. Besides presiding for several communities, Susan is also responsible for the formation and discernment of other women pursuing ordination.  Agape holds a very special place in Susan's heart, as they supported her and provided music for her ordination in 2016.   

Intentional Eucharistic Community

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